Have you been caught in that creative block or is a client asking for the impossible. #freethecreative;  a new campaign iStock by Getty.

Free the Creative is iStock’s mission to help you do your best creative work and inspire you along the way. iStock by Getty Images makes it easier for you to find original stock content faster, at prices your already-bruised budget can take. And when you start to get twitchy from staring at pixels, we’ve got tons of creative kindling to stoke the fire.

Istock by Getty Images held a creative event #freethecreative, where like minded creatives, buzzing industry people and those who just came for the free drinks,  came together to share ideas, exchange social media and celebrate, held at the Whitehouse Fashion College in Surry hills, the walls where filled with creative quotes and client demands, which as creatives we can relate; the night also held a live photo manipulation competition which we all were intrigued by, and plenty of free flowing bubbles and beer.

We use istock as our prefer stock library, due to its extensive range, and high quality images, still at an affordable price. So if you are looking for great imagery for your brand, website or other creative media, let us guide you in the right direction and #freethecreative.

See below the infographic that understands. Nod along (and feel vindicated) as you peruse the stats you’ve long felt to be true but never seen proven with cold, hard data, or if your our client you might have caught yourself requesting this, but we still love you.


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