Pretty fly for a white guy

The team at Matter have a new addition.

We welcomed Scott to the team about at month ago, Scott’s passion for illustration and flat UI have become a valuable asset to the company.

A little about Scotty:

So I think if people were to describe me they would say that I have a very relaxed nature.
I grew up on the northern beaches and had a great lifestyle living by the beach in Newport. Graphic Design was a easy choice for me as a profession as I have always loved drawing and would spend hours drawing designs on surfboards. This was probably past on by my Nan who was a professional artist and used to design wine labels back when there were no computers and everything was hand made.

I love to freehand typography and work on illustrations in the spare time away from the computer. Though this time will soon be taken up by the arrival of my first child with my fianc√© at the end of the month. I CAN’T WAIT!

Your favourite blog and read? and just finished reading the Hunger Games.

Favourite pantone colour?


If you were a font would you be serif or sans serif?

Sans Serif. Clean minimal lines!

Greatest achievement:

My year 12 visual arts major work was chosen for the express yourself exhibition at the Manly Art Gallery. That was big though I can see it being trumped when the baby comes.

Got a project in mind?

Lets work together