Suburban Legends

What’s your favourite suburb, and what does your suburb say about you?

14 Sydney based designers were asked by The Distillery @dstllry, to exhibit a letterpress piece with the focus of their suburb.  The posters were created with letterpress blocks (old school) or a letterpress plate (new), one colour at a time by The Distillery’s 1965 Heidelberg KSBA letterpress press, named Bertha.

With a large crowd expected and a huge social media push, we were really looking forward to the event. As we arrived at the venue we knew we were in the right spot when you notice the thick dark framed glasses, alternate haircuts and a bottle of beer (with a custom made beer label) in hand.

Greeted with our goodie bag and our free bottle of Wolfgang Lager or glass of Heidi Chardonnay, we made our way around the exhibition.

Pleasantly surprised with the calibre of designers who took part, Vince Frost (in which we got to mingle with), Chris Doyle and Gemma O’Brien, the posters reflected what their suburbs meant to them.

If you wish to create a letterpress piece contact us to for a unique design in collaboration with The Distillery.

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